Serving The Design and Construction Community

Land Use, Zoning and Permitting

Whether you are looking to get a building permitted, a zoning variance, or if you simply want to know your rights in relation to development going on near you, we can help. Oregon Land Use law is a unique entity and this uniqueness can be further complicated by the multitude of jurisdictions in the Portland Metro area. We can facilitate the permitting process, consult on the development possibilities of a piece of real estate, or assist you in assessing the impact of historic preservation.

Let us help you navigate the varied hoops of Land Use and Permitting in Oregon including:

  • Construction Permitting
  • Transit Oriented Development Bonuses
  • Permit Appeals
  • Zoning Variances
  • Zoning Changes
  • SDC Assessments
  • Development Agreements
  • Good Neighbor Agreements
  • Analysis of Planned Developments
  • Historic Preservation Permits and Appeals
  • Public Meeting Representation