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Professional Liability

Architects, engineers, and other design and construction professionals who have been accused of negligence or malpractice face challenges that are unique. The design and construction industry is highly specialized, and these cases often involve intricate relationships between many parties that were involved on a particular project. Professional liability accusations can arise from a number of situations in both the design and construction portions of a project. These cases are often complex and may involve multiple parties and millions of dollars in claimed damages. Our attorneys have particular experience in successfully resolving professional liability cases for designers and their insurance providers.

If someone has made a claim against you or your company, you need attorneys with a thorough understanding of the design and construction business. At Marvin Chorzempa & Larson, this is our focus. We have extensive experience both in defending malpractice cases at trial and through alternative dispute resolution methods including arbitration, mediation, and settlement negotiations. We understand your business, and the critical need to have experienced and effective attorneys working for you.