Serving The Design and Construction Community

Commercial Litigation

Marvin Chorzempa & Larson serves our clients in a wide variety of commercial litigation matters.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with exceptional legal representation in a wide variety of substantive legal areas. We have assisted our clients in numerous types of breaches of contract claims, representing clients both as plaintiff and as defendant.

Personal Injury

Marvin Chorzempa & Larson has represented select plaintiffs in cases involving personal injury.  We successfully represented a client in a wrongful death claim where it was alleged that the transmissions in certain Dodge vehicles were in "false park", which caused the vehicles to injure or kill their occupants. In this instance, our client’s spouse was killed as a result of a defective transmission in a Dodge truck. In addition to recovering a substantial settlement on behalf of our client, we were instrumental in causing a national recall of certain Dodge trucks. Additionally, we represent individuals who have been injured by another person’s negligence such as medical malpractice or motor vehicle accidents.